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Harpers Bazaar

"...ask for Debbie Bhowmik - already a star in her own right."

Harpers Bazaar

"Transform dull hair into WOW factor hair in just 30 minutes with the help of renowned hair colourist Debbie Bhowmik"


"My hair is my crowning glory, so I am picky who gets their hands on it. Debbie Bhowmik has perfected the art of sun-kissed highlights, transforming my hair from a dull blonde mop to golden mane. She uses tints rather than bleach to keep look natural and protect the hair."

ES Magazine

"Debbie Bhowmik is just brilliant at getting colour just right, which is why people like me have been following her around London's top salons for the past 20 years. Not only does she have the knack of knowing what suits, but she is amazingly fast, too - she has been known to fix up a half-head of highlights in 30 minutes - and has several tricks up her sleeve for creating super-flattering colour that grows out in a remarkably natural way. Debbie is also a lovely person and is very forgiving, so that whenever I reappear in her chair after experimenting elsewhere (I have to; it's my job) she never says, 'What on earth happened?' but calmly gets on with getting my colour back to the way it looks best."

Alice Hart-Davis - Beauty journalist and creator of Good Things skincare.

"I turned over my sorry mousey roots to Debbie Bhowmik twenty years ago and have never looked back. I don't know what she does up there with tints and foils and pastes, but it's something close to magic. The few times i've been forced to stray elsewhere ( Debbie on holiday! Debbie celebrating christmas with her family!) it has only proved how very much better she is than anyone else. Brutal, but true. Besides being properly talented, Debbie is also funny, smart and incredibly FAST. I live in fear of being axed from her little black client book..."

Bella Pollen - Author

"Debbie Bhowmik. She is the only person in the world who can turn a girl blonde"

Rosamund Pike

"Debbie Bhowmik is definitely one of the top colourists in London. She has coloured my hair for over 25 years and is brilliant at advising me on what works well in different seasons and as my hair changes. She is a lovely person which makes every appointment a real treat. I couldn't manage without her."

Julia Ogilvy - Independent Philanthropy Professional / Author